Since 'you cannot know me without knowing the ones I love' (quote from Bob Goff), let me first introduce you to the ones that give me life. I am first and foremost fiercely in love with my Savior, but these six humans are the reason I wake up every morning!  I am a forever-bride of my husband and together we have five amazing kiddos. We live out in the beautiful farm fields of Lancaster County, Pa, and live to work hard and play hard!
     I thrive on adventure and love to travel, so its been a blessing to have a career that not only takes me to new places, but is flexible enough for me to fulfill my passions for both being a mother AND being a hair and makeup artist!  
     Speaking of that…let’s talk about the hair and makeup, after all, that is why you are probably here in the first place!

     I finished cosmetology school and received a cosmetology license in 2004, but decided to be exclusive in hairstyling and makeup artistry in 2011. In 2016, I took an intensive makeup course and received a certification from the Makeup Forever Academy in New York City! Since then, I have LOVED furthering my education in both hairstyling and makeup by taking classes to keep me up to date on the latest bridal and editorial trends :)

     My absolute passion is for women to not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful…and in order for a woman to feel beautiful, I believe her heart needs to be cared for as well. I want to listen fully to your dreams (and fears!) about having your hair and makeup done, and I want you to feel completely understood by me! My goal is to enhance your beauty from the inside out, and have a ton of fun in the process!  

Hi Friend!!!

meet kristen

looking for a place to get ready?

my home studio

I would just be so happy to have you and your girls over!

We live in a newly built farmhouse with a downstairs master suite designed to accommodate my brides and their parties.

Feel free to bring whatever food and drinks you would like to enjoy! You will have access to the entire downstairs living quarters, including the kitchen for your brunch goodies and mimosas ☺

Please inquire for more information.

Image Credits: Caroline Logan Photography